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I grew up in the Yakima Valley, where my family used to farm asparagus and cherries. I served 8 years in the Navy as an Avionics Technician working on F/A-18 Hornets.  I now live in historic Richland with wife, where I've continued my career as an Instrument Technician, working for Hanford and now Energy Northwest.  I love history, philosophy, mechanics, and physics.  I am dedicated to public service, positive leadership, and accountability.

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Why I'm Running

I care deeply about our community here in Richland and as a public official my main concerns are Economy and Accountability.

Richland is growing rapidly, and is very limited in terms of space for outward expansion. Revitalizing older neighborhoods and economic centers while preserving their history and charm should be a priority moving forward. Working towards innovative solutions for traffic problems and pedestrian safety, especially during commute times, is another top priority.


Safety is a major concern across the country. I want Richland to continue to be a place where residents feel comfortable raising their families. I support our Police Department’s efforts to protect and serve. I do not support legislation that interferes with reasonable and necessary police procedures.


I support nuclear energy and technology and hope to help Richland become the jewel of safe, affordable, and sustainable energy in the Pacific Northwest.


I’d greatly appreciate your vote so I can fight for Richland, to keep our community thriving and accountable to its citizens!

Helpful Links


Current Projects

Current projects for the City of Richland.


Public Safety Map

Richland Public Safety Map of Crime Date for past 180 days updated in real time.


Explore Richland

Local things to get out and enjoy in Richland and TriCities.

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    Tri-City Raceway

    Come join me at Tri-City Raceway. You  can bring your own vehicle or join me for a ride along!

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