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Talking To Your Liberal Neighbor: Teaching Others How to Think with Grace

From CJ's Dangerous History Podcast 255: De-Propogandizing the Highly Blue Pille

Talking to the other side is like cult deprogramming.

Cult deprogramming is a very intense and hard process if you do any research into this.

People adhering to the other side are afraid of backlash from family, friends, peers, and other negative backlash that can come from upsetting highly reactive totalitarian oppressors. Most people adhering to this ideology do have good intentions, they are following a few vindictive personalities at the top. Approach these communications remembering these people have good intentions.

· There are 2 approach methods: Morpheus form the matrix and Nada from the movie They Live. Nada approaches the situation with aggression and a long physically painful battle ensues before he is able to get the awakening glasses on his misled opponent. Morpheus is calm and questioning, encouraging the voluntary reasoning development in the person he is talking to. This method is much less painful, it is the long game that results in better long-term results for both parties.

· Ask questions. Ask them to explain their beliefs and reasoning.

· Reiterate what they said back to them to confirm.

· Then ask questions related to what if situations in their proposed circumstances (what about those who disagree with all or part of their argument/ What contradictory evidence might cause them to rethink their stance).

· Upon initial conversation, do not present evidence; only ask questions, and listen to understand how they are thinking.

· If they get agitated, gracefully end the conversation.

· If they change their mind on a point, do not do a victory dance.

· DO NOT have these conversations in front of a crowd.

· These conversations will be easier with people you kind of know, but will be harder with people you are very close to, like immediate family, close friends etc.

Remember the aim is to teach people how to think.

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