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What to Expect When Your Empire’s Collapsing

From CJ's Dangerous History Podcast 257

To those paying attention, it is clear we are an empire in decline. CJ points out several common characteristics of Empires in decline throughout history. Many are similar to what we are already experiencing today:

Empires in decline fight more wars, and wars get stranger and more irrational.

Their military gets weaker; moral and motivation decline, while at the same time inscription increases.

National Infrastructure like bridges and roads will fail. Lest we forget the recent train crash in Ohio.

The outer empire begins to fall like dominoes.

Institutions fail. Elites and political predators hold onto power trying to squeeze any last benefit out of the failing state while lying about the state of affairs.

Economy fails.Inflation exceeds anything manageable as government exacerbates printing of monopoly money. Welfare programs increase.

Government turns into Kleptocracy. They implement price controls; then supply declines and producers lose money under government control measures.

Authoritarian state increases, especially in rural areas. Expect an ever encroaching increase in gun control, surveillance, etc.

Leadership quality declines. They become more corrupt and less qualified.

Culture degenerates. Nihilism and depression (ruminaiton without hope) become larger and larger issues.

People get obsessed with gender and blurring cultural norms.

Political crises increase.

The plane is going down; plan for the smoothest crash landing rather then prolonging and exacerbating the inevitable destruction.

Pray for a collapse with more freedom not less. It is our best hope.

Have a listen:

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